What is Wyrmwood?

Wyrmwood Publishing & Editing is a company devoted to providing authors with exceptional services that better their books.

Our staff has operated within a variety of different editorial roles, learning multiple functions in order to offer the most comprehensive service possible to each individual writer.

What kind of experience does Wyrmwood's staff have?

The staff at Wyrmwood has nearly a decade of experience working with a variety of documents. These include:

  • Marketing materials for corporations.
  • Scientific studies.
  • Website content.
  • Novels, novellas, and short stories (fiction and nonfiction).
  • Textbooks K—12.
  • Feature film and short film scripts.
  • Investigative reports for use in criminal trials.

What services does Wyrmwood offer?

We offer a variety of editing services. Please see our Our Services page for more information.

What kind of guarantee does Wyrmwood offer?

Wyrmwood Publishing & Editing offers a guarantee of professional quality. Our work on your manuscript will be completed on time and within the parameters set during our free consultation. The work you receive will be error-free and will exemplify Wyrmwood's standards of excellence. If you are unhappy with the final product, we will do everything within our power to ensure your satisfaction.

We do not guarantee that your work will be published. Many factors affect whether or not a story is ever picked up by a traditional publisher, and though some other editing sites will come dangerously close to offering you this guarantee, it is not something that anyone can assure with any degree of certainty.