Who is Lana Hart?

From the time she was just three years old, Lana Hart was telling stories. Her first written words scribbled onto the back of a receipt were, "Once upon a time..." She adores storytelling in any form, including video games, movies, and television shows, and has even acted as lead screenwriter for several films.

On her style as a storyteller, she remarks:

"I think darkness is just as important as light. Without it there can be no conflict, and the hero's journey becomes far less interesting. What makes a protagonist intriguing is if a reader can accompany them on their journey into darkness—into pits so deep they may never come out—only to rise back up into the light with them. It is by this mechanism that readers achieve every bit of the same victory as their beloved protagonists do."

What is the Curious Collectibles Series?

The Curious Collectibles Series is a series of paranormal romance/mystery novels written by Lana Hart. They take place within the small New England town of Sanctum Harbor and revolve around a mysterious antique shop selling cursed items. The first book in the series, The Spellbound Spirit, was released on May 30th, 2014.

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