The Present

Sanctum Harbor is a small town located in Pandora County, Massachusetts, just south of Sanctuary and north of Quincy.  It boasts a population of approximately 7,000 residents, as well as its own sheriff's department.

Primarily a fishing town, Sanctum Harbor's wharf maintains a fleet of nearly 600 fishing boats in addition to the private vessels kept in its marina. Common catches include crabs, lobsters, bluefin tuna, cod, and haddock. Clam digging is also popular.

Hailed for its traditional aesthetics, Sanctum Harbor has been the recipient of the New England Journal of Real Estate's coveted Best Kept Secret prize for the past four years. In their 2013 awards publication, they stated:

"There is little that can compare to the eclectic mix of quaint colonialism and sleek modernity ... The streets, many of them comprised of ruddy brick pavers, seem to almost glow in the antique streetlamps which flank them ... The rich tapestry of its history is an ever-present, and welcomed feature in this small town."

The Past

Founded in the summer of 1683 by men and women fleeing the consequences of the Salem witch trials (and other subsequent witch-hunts), Sanctum Harbor has always been a progressive community. In the 1830s, the old hospital was occasionally used as a meeting hall for the New England Anti-Slavery Society, and during the American Civil War, it served as a safe haven for runaway slaves and freemen to learn a trade and earn decent wages.

Education was important early on in Sanctum Harbor's history, and it is a traditional value that remains at the forefront of the town's concerns today. Like its sister town, Sanctuary, many of the streets are named after notable authors, including the busy intersection of Hawthorne Street and Keats Crossing. This is especially prevalent in the Historical District, a favorite destination of tourists during the autumn months when the leaves are changing.