Wyrmwood Publishing & Editing offers professional editing services for writers of almost every kind. Novels, short stories, scripts, non-fiction material—we do it all!

But what exactly do we do?

Developmental Editing

Developmental editing helps you improve the structure, clarity, characters, narrative flow, and plot of your story. For non-fiction work, this step ensures that the information you've presented makes sense, is clear to the reader, and is in an order that best serves your purpose.


Copyediting involves looking for problems like plot holes, lapses in logic, inconsistencies, and terminology. Punctuation and grammar are also corrected during this step, but a more in-depth search for those errors is conducted during the proofreading phase.


Proofreading is the process through which spelling and grammar errors, omitted words, and style or formatting issues are identified and fixed. This step is integral for any author, but particularly for self-publishers. Readers tend to be hypercritical of self-published authors whose manuscripts contain even one or two errors, and this can lead not only to returns and one-star reviews, but turn off a good chunk of your audience from buying anything else in your catalog. It may seem like the "simplest" step, but it is one of the most crucial.

Risk-Free Consultation

If you're interested in our services, please contact us for a risk-free consultation! We'll discuss your requirements and the time frame you can expect to receive your project in.

Need Further Convincing?

We'll provide you with a personalized sample of our work! For short stories, we'll edit 1,000 words for absolutely free. For novels, we'll edit up to 10 pages (using the conversion rate of 250 words per page) at no charge.

Let us earn your business by showing you what we're capable of!