What's In a Blurb? The Importance of Hooking Your Readers

Do you know the average time it takes for a reader to decide to look at the back of your book?

Two seconds.


This is part of the reason why cover design is so important, regardless of whether you've published traditionally, independently, or through your own means.

And when your potential reader flips over your novel or scrolls down past your intriguing cover to get a little taste of what's inside, what will they find? Will they be enraptured by your titillating insight? Or will their eyes glaze over after the first two sentences as they absently replace your book on the shelf?

You've spent what feels like countless hours agonizing over your cover, only to be foiled by a few sentences. Your readers are hungry—voracious, even—but a poorly-written blurb can fail to whet their appetites.

Your blurb is just as important as your manuscript. Without it, your readers will never experience the rich story you've crafted between the pages of your novel; never look upon the tapestry of words and ideas you've woven just for them. And yet authors often fail to appreciate the value of a well-written blurb, fail to lavish it with the attention it deserves, or are simply unsure of how to ensure their blurb is great.

Wyrmwood Publishing & Editing is happy to take this weight off your shoulders.

As of today, we're proud to begin offering blurb-writing services for a low flat rate of $25 per blurb. This fee includes two rewrites to ensure you're fully satisfied with your content, as well as a long-form and short-form edition for sites that require both.

Would you like us to read your book before we write your blurb? For an additional fee, we'd be happy to do just that! Just contact us with your needs and we'll work out something that's right for you!

Don't let your readers slip through your fingers with a lackluster blurb. Let Wyrmwood Publishing & Editing help your book reach the levels of greatness it deserves!